Why Hire PRPOSE?

Chances are, you’ve worked with large PR agencies in the past and paid them a monthly fee and found yourself asking what you are getting for all that money. A typical large firm bases its fees on estimated time, but in order for them to be profitable, they often put junior staff on your account. This means you are often paying for a firm to train its staff.

This model used to work OK for many businesses because once their plans were developed, they could execute according to a fairly concrete editorial calendar.

Today, that editorial calendar and those annual communications plans get blown up by the end of the first quarter.

Today, we see more value in defining high-impact, high-return projects that ladder up to a businesses larger strategic vision and long-term business goals. It is difficult for large firms to adapt to this model because their overhead and business model is dependent upon consistent, predictable, monthly income based on an annual budget that is tied to an annual plan that often is never truly executed.

Stop the burn and churn and collaborate with PRPOSE to identify some key projects we can work with you on to help you achieve your goals. The same talent that you are used to pitching you and building strategies for you in traditional agencies have left those firms and joined PRPOSE out of frustration for the outdated agency model and a desire to get back to doing the fun work that got us into this career in the first place.