Our Culture

We are invested in creating a culture that embraces diversity and challenges the status quo. We are inspired by excellence and driven to help our clients define their vision in order to achieve big goals that have a meaningful impact. As independent professionals, we are entrepreneurial by nature, but value collaboration with others to expand our thinking and challenge our assumptions. We are stronger together because we are strong on our own.

Commitment to Community

We are privileged to be able to give back to our community, which is why everyone on the PRPOSE team is active in volunteering and supporting organizations that make a difference.
Some of the organizations our team members actively support through financial and in-kind contributions include:
Childhaven, Naturebridge, The Nature Conservancy, Forterrra, Leadership Tomorrow, March for Our Lives, and many others.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
– African proverb

Benefits of joining PRPOSE

As an independent, it can be incredibly time consuming and costly to manage the administrative realities of running your own business. By joining PRPOSE, we handle invoicing your clients and can set up direct deposit payments for your business account. We also handle all of your IT needs, giving you a prposestrategies.com email and business card, profiling you on our website, and giving you access to our cloud file sharing storage and unlimited use of Zoom video conferencing. We can also provide membership to WeWork co-working space across the country and the world so that you can host meetings with your clients or if you choose, work in a collaborative environment in premier locations. We also give you access to our subscription services for media databases, newspapers subscriptions, and other important tools that can be cost prohibitive on your own.

In addition to taking care of the administrative headaches of running your own independent practice, we also provide you access to a network of amazingly talented professionals who share your passion for purpose-driven work. Everyone on the PRPOSE team has at least 10 years of experience, with diverse areas of expertise and backgrounds. Because of the diversity of our team, you can tap into the PRPOSE talent pool to build custom teams to meet the changing needs of your clients

Facing a major crisis and need more bodies to manage the chaos? We have a team of pros that you can add in an instant. Need a new website developed? We got you covered. Need some social media strategy and content development muscle? Roger that. Got a big event that could use some more muscle — tap into your PRPOSE team. Working with legislative or city government officials? We have public affairs team members with relationships and experience to help you advocate and engage on behalf on your client.

Simply identify your needs, post it to our online network, and you will be contacted by other PRPOSE members who meet your needs and are available for the time you need and agree to the budget you have allocated for their time. The beauty is, you simply bring them onto the team seamlessly and PRPOSE takes care of paying them after your client is invoiced. Oh, and we take care of all the 1099s and other IRS headaches required by law at the end of the year.

You just focus on doing great work and growing your business. We’ll handle the rest.