Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR)

We recognize that CSR is more than just an annual report at the end of the year for the board of directors. When 87% of
consumers state that they will buy a product based on values — because the company advocated for an issue they cared about — and 76% would boycott a brand if it supported an issue contrary to their beliefs, the importance of CSR is undeniable.

At our core, PRPOSE team members bring their decades of experience together in a host of disciplines and industries around a singular core belief:

Doing good is good for business.

And we are exceptional and helping our clients communicate their impact to drive meaningful change, inspire consumers, and grow measurable results.

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By 2020 video is expected to account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. That’s nearly 1 million minutes of video shared every second. In addition, 7 on 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content. Video builds emotional connection and brings brands to life.

Having a strong website as a hub of your digital communications is critical and having the ability to add compelling online tools, such as digital magazines or social content drives engagement and builds trust.

We have team members who are experts in all platforms of digital storytelling. Including:

Video Production
Social Media
Digital Magazines

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Our team members have decades experience partnering with media to help share our clients’ stories. We have trusted relationships with local, regional, national and multiple trade media outlets.

We know how to bring value to reporters and often partner with current or former journalists to lead media training for our clients so that they are prepared for interviews in good times and bad.

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Bad things really do happen to good organizations. And when they do, we are here to help mitigate the damage and look for ways to turn chaos into opportunity. It’s not a matter of if, it’s when. Being prepared and having a seasoned firm in your corner to support your business during challenging times makes all the difference in protecting your reputation.

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Messaging + Strategic Planning

All good communications starts with a good story. Our team is expert at helping you identify your core message in a way that helps you stand out and be heard. We then create a strategic plan that has measurable goals and deliverables to help you achieve your business objectives.

Content Development

Often our clients come to us to not only help them define and shape their story, but to help them create content that they simply cannot find the time to do. From blog posts to newsletters and everything in between, we have strong writers with diverse experience.

Further, when we create content (whether earned or owned) we will always look for ways to amplify and share the content, adapting it as needed to meet any challenges or emerging opportunities. A pitch may turn into a blog post, a blog post may turn into an earned media opportunity, a speaking engagement may turn into a LinkedIn post. The message and the audience is always the focus, rather than the platform.

Social Media

Social media has given businesses and organizations to create more meaningful opportunities to engage with their audiences and build lasting relationships. It also can be a place where mistakes are aired quite publicly. A strong brand with a thoughtful social media strategy that aligns with its purpose and culture can have remarkable impact.

Public Affairs

We have worked with municipalities, state and federal government groups. Whether helping a city communicate with residents and businesses about critical projects or plans, or helping highly-regulated industries navigate complex policy development, or helping to build coalitions around shared values to bring legislative action forward, we know how to engage with public entities in ways that have meaningful results.

Don’t talk. Just act. Don’t say. Just show. Don’t promise. Just prove.

Strategic Communications

We are first and foremost communications strategists who are committed to helping our clients understand how to shape, share and create meaning and impact with their stories. Whether its gaining national or international recognition for an important issue or innovation, or if its driving community engagement for a cause or project, we are focused on results that matter. With the skills and expertise to execute a host of solutions and tactics that all serve to meet strategic goals, we pride ourselves on being trusted advisors and partners who are invested in the success of our clients with focus, purpose and fun.

Crisis Communications

Bad things happen to good people all the time. Horrible things happen to wonderful, ethical companies as well.

Bankruptcies. Thefts. Fires. Food poisonings. Layoffs. DEA raids. Labor disputes. Public smear campaigns.

We’ve helped clients mitigate difficult challenges by providing clarity around how to communicate bad news. We approach crises in partnership with our clients, often in collaboration with legal counsel. Our approach starts and ends in the truth. We help our clients feel prepared to deal with any audience with proven tools and strategies.

We also help clients prepare for crises before they happen with crisis communications plans and media training so that they are prepared when their worst-case scenarios are realized.

Media Relations

We take pride in telling our client’s stories through strategic and meaningful media coverage. Examples of secured client placements included below:

Art therapy helps people living with dementia

It’s an exercise helping people in the middle of a very difficult time. That’s exactly what the Frye Art Museum intended when they created a program for people living with dementia to come out and make art.

Re-admissions fall after pharmacist home visits

An innovative hospital/community pharmacy partnership aims to signficantly reduce readmissions of heart failure patients and boost medication adherence.

Tuna-Fishing Deal Dispute Keeps U.S. Boats Out of Pacific Waters

U.S. boats are set to be locked out of the world’s best tuna-fishing waters after reneging on a deal with 17 Pacific states, amid a slump in prices for the fish sold in cans in supermarkets all over the country. The standoff means U.S. boats cannot access seas where around half of the world’s skipjack tuna are caught each year. It is also endangering a vital revenue stream for some of the world’s poorest nations.

Leading Employers Gather To Innovate Hiring Strategies With Community And Business Impact

This cohort-based approach, designed to accelerate adoption of impact hiring practices, is an important catalyst to create more inclusive economies by engaging employers in developing new ideas and solutions.

Video Storytelling

We believe in the power of visual storytelling and frequently work with our clients to create compelling video content such as the examples included below –

Web Sites

A company is only as good as its website. We partner with our clients to bring their work to life through engaging, intuitive website design such as the examples below.

A unique public/private economic development opportunity in Grays Harbor to build a new enterprise and visitor center required an online platform that would educate, engage, and grow as the building took shape.

We work to improve the social and environmental performance of our clients and ourselves. Sustainability is the greatest business opportunity of this century and we eat, sleep and breathe this fact. We seek to create a work environment that is productive, transparent and enjoyable.

Transforming Age wanted to build an online forum to challenge the perception of age and build community. When I’m 99 is a combination of curated and created content that asks visitors to imagine themselves at 99 and think about how they would want to be treated.