PRPOSE creates value and community for the gig economy while solving some of today’s most pressing business challenges. Our model unifies seasoned PR pros around the shared values of purpose-driven communications that has meaningful impact with the flexibility to respond to today’s modern business realities. This is the future of PR.

The Traditional Agency Model is Dead (or Dying)

The traditional agency of record retainer model is dying. It is no longer effective or efficient in today’s fast-paced evolving business climate and even faster-paced evolution of communications tools. Smart businesses are starting to hold their firms more accountable and realizing that these retainer models are not giving them the results they once did and can’t adapt to changing needs as quickly as they require. But don’t just take our word for it.

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Project Project Project

The new normal is project-based. Clients want a defined goal with agreed-upon measurable outcomes and a clear start and finish date. Oh, and a realistic and scaleable budget with NO surprises.

Access to Talent

The top talent in PR and communications are leaving traditional agencies because they see the value in collaborating with clients on projects that have tangible outcomes. They also enjoy doing the work. The only way for traditional agencies to remain profitable is if the more seasoned professionals with huge hourly rates stay on the sidelines. At PRPOSE, all of our members are seasoned pros. The person who pitches your business, works on your business.

Experience + Value

PRPOSE manages the headaches of business and creates economies of scale with a cost model that works for both team members and clients. Payroll, IT, accounting, invoicing, and marketing are all covered by the collective PRPOSE business.

By joining PRPOSE, independent professionals get the best of both worlds — they can choose the projects they want to work on, building out their portfolio of business as large or as small as they like, without the headaches of business administration. In addition, they have access to PRPOSE’s growing network of talented team members to scale their ability to approach their clients’ needs with people they know share their values and focus on purpose-driven work.

Multidisciplinary Collaborative Teams

Our model allows us to bring the best in public relations and public affairs strategy with a team of highly skilled design, web development, print, video production, and social media experts. What this means for our clients is that we can scale our teams to meet your needs and the person who pitches your business, will actually work on your business.

Scaleability + Transparency

We are up front and transparent about our costs and enter every client relationship with clear project guidelines and expectations for deliverables. Our clients never have to ask us what we are doing for them or what their investment in us is getting them.

We also recognize that needs change and we embed scalability into our work to add on or scale back as needed, with a deep bench of talent to pull from at any time.


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